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1 Hour For Just $45

Although all of our massages are great, foot massages are what Treat Your Feet is most known for in the Atlanta area. Our name says it all. We know a scientific level! Our foot massages entail more than just a feel good rub. Foot reflexology techniques are involved.

What is Foot Reflexology?

Foot reflexology is a type of massage which originated in ancient China or Egypt around 4000 B.C. In foot reflexology, pressure is purposely applied to reflex points in the feet to send signals to other targeted parts of the body. Each foot contains more than 7,200 nerve endings, 19 muscles, 26 bones, and 107 ligaments! Your feet are linked to every part in the human body. Take a look at the chart below to see which foot reflex point corresponds to which body part/organ.

Foot Reflexology Chart of Foot Reflex Points

If you look at the diagram above, you'll see that applying pressure to the insoles of both feet sends signals to the lumbar vertebrae and cervical spine. Applying pressure to the heel on both feet sends signals to the lower back and gluteal area. You'll notice that the heart is linked to a reflex point on the right foot only. Our foot massage therapists know this diagram well.

If done correctly, what can foot reflexology cure?

If you're looking to holistically heal some minor ailments, a foot massage at Treat Your Feet Buckhead is the way to go because our foot massage therapists are well-versed in foot reflexology techniques that have helped relieve:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • minor colds
  • constipation
  • muscle tension
  • back aches

  • asthma
  • stress
  • depression
  • high blood pressure
  • and whole lot more!

It's not uncommon for our foot massage therapists to even be able to induce labor in expectant mothers who are overdue. If you are pregnant though, please consider our prenatal massage.

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TYF Buckhead Foot Massage Online Reviews

"Went in as a walk in no appointment & team was able to fit my girlfriend and I. All hands down on foot massage it literally put my girl to sleep to the point where I heard her snoring lol GREAT MEMORY. Check this place out! We are actually making it a routine to come back to this place!"

Michael Molina

"I have no idea how I have just discovoered this place, but wow! A few of us went in for foot massages and a half hour massages and it was great. The only thing I would say is that they did not explain the difference between a chair massage vs the half hour massage on the phone, but explained it after we were there and it was too late to change. Regardless, this place was totally amazing."

Wendi Gibbs

"Omg I totally love this place! I usually go to the other location, and this one is just as great!! Came here after a nice dinner in town with friend and we came to wind down to end a perfect Friday! It's blissful. We had foot massages and let just say we didn't want to leave. We will be back!"

Matt L.

"I discovered (Treat your Feet) while scrolling on Instagram. I decided to try it out while on break. I was in the Buckhead location, which just opened. Lucky me. I picked the 30 minute foot massage for $25, a great price. The month of July they are having a 20% discount on all massages offered. I struggled at first after he cleaned my feet, because my feet are sensitive/ticklish. After a few minutes I was able to relax and truly enjoy such a great foot massage. I will try to learn Mandarin before I return, im only conversant in Korean, so I can communicate better with my masseuse."

Uny Que C.

"We went to the new TYF location, to give it a a try and also because I think it may be a bit closer to home. At any rate, the Buckhead location is every bit as wonderful as the OTP Buford location, perhaps even nicer! The therapist was fantastic, the environment was both beautiful & inviting, and the tranquility of the environment was very enjoyable. I also really liked the salt scrub before the foot massage, that seems to be something new at this location."

Brian S.

Benefits of Our Foot Massages

In addition to curing minor ailments, our customers have experienced the following benefits from getting regular foot massages:

  • Increased energy levels by restoring alignment and balance while removing blockages
  • Enhanced body alignment
  • Corrected posture misalignments
  • Reduced discomfort associated with orthopedic conditions
  • Improved blood circulation throughout the body

These benefits are multiplied when foot massages are done on a regular basis. If you work in a profession that requires you to be on your feet all day, then regular foot massages are what you need. Standing for extended hours will eventually take its toll on your health. Standing for long hours will eventually cause long term health problems such as nerve damage, inflammation, and chronic back pain. Many of our clientele have become believers in foot reflexology after just one massage.

Our Luxurious Foot Massage Rooms

If you need a soothing environment to relax while having your feet massaged, then Treat Your Feet Buckhead is the perfect place. Shown above is a photo of our small foot massage room which seats 4 people. We also have a medium (seats 8 people) and large (seats 12 people) foot massage room. If you want to see photos of these foot massage rooms, check out our massage spa photo gallery. Our walls are soundproof and our doors can be opened and closed by pushing a button.

Located in Atlanta in the Heart of Buckhead

Treat Your Feet Buckhead is located on the corner of Peachtree and Piedmont Rd in between Verizon and Orvis. Come experience the best foot massage in Atlanta. Our spa combines a soothing environment with top-notch massage therapy.

In every one of our foot massages, we start your treatment with an exfoliating foot scrub, then use purely organic massage oils which leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no time limit on massages. As long as the requested time period is available, then you can schedule it.

Asian spa music is played throughout your massage. No outside music or speakers are allowed.

We ask that you cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

No, we do not. Treat Your Feet is not a medical facility.

If you are feeling sick, we prefer you not to come in and possibly getting our other customers sick.

Our customers come to our massage spa because it provides a quiet and serene environment for them which allows them to relax, so we ask that you refrain from talking during your massage.

You can bring your own beer and wine, but we do not allow food or hard liquor.

We require a credit card on file for parties of 3 or more and for reserving the couple’s room.

All gift cards expire 5 years from the date of purchase. You must present the physical gift card at the time of service to redeem.

We do not take pre-payments especially over the phone. You may come to our spa to purchase your massage(s) or gift cards.

We currently do not offer any discounts.

Tipping is not required, but it is encouraged. Most of our customers tip 20% of the bill amount, but how much you tip is entirely up to you.

We use scentless oil in all of our massages except for Thai massage and chair massage.


We do not accept insurance. Treat Your Feet Buckhead is not a medical facility. Our primary focus is on your comfort and relaxation. If you have any current or new medical conditions, please consult with your doctor first before coming to our facility for a massage. These include, but are not limited to, muscular and skeletal injuries, surgeries, and pregnancies.

For any type of prenatal massage (foot or body), please notify the front staff how many weeks pregnant you are to help us determine the strength of the massage.

Treat Your Feet Buckhead shall not be responsible for any personal property or items that are left, lost, stolen, or damaged on the premises.

The guest / patron hereby waives, disclaims, and releases Treat Your Feet Buckhead from any and all liability regarding any personal property or items that are left, lost, stolen, or damaged on the premises.