Massage Pricing

Among the Best in Atlanta

Foot Massages

1 hour - $40
2 hours - $80

As your feet are soaked in sea salt water, we clean your feet. Next, we give you a foot massage. We incorporate hot stones and rubber mallet hammers. A special foot creme is used while massaging your feet.

If you get an hour long foot massage, the last 5 minutes are used to massage your neck, shoulders, arms, and scalp. Hot towels are used on the feet at the end of our foot massages.

Foot massage time includes prep time, foot scrub, 5 minutes of head and shoulders massage.

Body Massages

Body massage includes hands, feet, arms, legs, upper back, lower back, shoulder, scalp. We use hot stones, hot towels, organic oil. On our face cradles, we use hypo-allergenic disposable face rest covers.

We use oil in all of our massages except for our Thai Massage, Chair Massage, and 1-Hour Special.

Swedish Massage - Relaxing massage using soft, long gliding strokes to relieve muscle tension.
1 hour - $60

Deep Tissue Massage - Application of targeted deep pressure between muscle fibers to relieve tension and pain.
1 hour - $70

Acupressure Massage - Applying precise finger placement and pressure to specific points on the body to restore health and balance.
1 hour - $70

Thai Massage - Yoga-style massage performed on the massage table incorporating rhythmic pressing and stretching of the body in various positions.
1 hour - $80

Sports Massage - A combination of deep tissue and stretching geared toward athletes. Alleviates stress and tension from strenuous physical activity.
1 hour - $70

Trigger Point Massage - Trigger point massage therapy is also referred to as pressure point massage or body reflexology and is a form of massage that alleviates the source of pain through isolated pressure and release cycles.
1 hour - $70

Chair Massage - For back, head and arms. Available for couples!
1/2 hour - $35
1 hour - $70

Pre-Natal Massage - This massage is designed specifically for expectant mothers and their bodies.
In order to receive a Prenatal Massage, you must be past 21 weeks pregnant.
1 hour - $70

Neuromuscular Massage - This massage technique works to reduce pain by realigning and loosening specific muscles and soft tissue in the body.
1 hour - $70

Couples Massage – Our private couples massage room is a popular choice for lovers or friends looking to bond while getting a massage. It's like nothing you've ever encountered. You and your significant other will enjoy a full and intensive massage. You can choose from any of our standard table massages.
Price depends on type of massages chosen.

Body and Foot Combo Massages

1-Hour Special: Half-session of foot massage followed by a half-session of head, shoulder and back massage. All services performed on foot massage chair - $48

Hour Combo 2: Half session of body massage followed by half session of foot massage all done in a private body massage room - $55

2-Hour Special: A supremely relaxing one-hour foot massage followed by a one-hour body massage in your desired technique - Priced by Massage Style