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A sports massage can surely promote relaxation and rejuvenation, but it can be much more vigorous at times than a Swedish massage (although not as intense as a deep tissue massage) in order to produce the maximum benefits. During a sports massage, you can expect to do some stretching. You should get a sports massage if you are one of the following:

  • a professional athlete
  • a part-time athlete
  • someone who exercises
  • someone with a physically demanding job

Getting a sports massage can help you recover faster from your workout or hard day’s work. You can get one before and/or after a workout or competition. Word has even gotten out to professional athletes that we are the place to visit in Atlanta for massages, and we have had the pleasure of treating a few of them (see our photo gallery).

Benefits of Sports Massage

The benefits of massage are significant for most people, and athletes are no different. In fact, an athlete may even have the most to benefit from a massage. Sports massage therapy can:

  • loosen muscles
  • promote relaxation
  • help increase blood flow to the heart and muscles
  • increases flexibility
  • reduces fatigue
  • improves endurance
  • prevent injuries
  • prepare both your body and mind for peak performance
  • decrease muscle pain and soreness
  • speed up recovery from a workout or competition

If you’re an athlete, the slightest improvement can mean the difference between winning or losing a competition. How often you should get a sports massage depends on how much stress you put on your body. The frequency of sports can vary from once a week to twice a month. Talk to one of our masseuses to find an optimal sports massage schedule for you.

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Sports Massage Customer Reviews

“This place was recommended to me by a friend. Wow! My massage today was life altering. I had Linda, she is amazing! The space is beautiful and clean. They offer lots of variety. I got a 2 hour sports massage, with hot stones. Next time I’m in ATL I will definitely come back here.”

Out-of-town Visitor
Emeryville, CA

“My husband and I both got a sports massages. My massage was with Allan who was FANTASTIC!!! We are both athletes and it is imperative for us to get stress relief off our muscles and joints. I told him to focus on my shoulders and hamstrings and he did just that. It was so good that I am sore today, but I feel so rejuvenated. Thanks to the Treat your Feet Team for making this visit worth my while. Not to mention this new location is gorgeous!”

Atlanta, GA