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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best spa in Atlanta to get a Swedish massage! Treat Your Feet Buckhead has a very soothing spa environment. If you’ve never had any of our body massages before, then a Swedish massage would be a good first choice. While the masseuse’s strokes are firm in a Swedish massage, they are softer than those in a deep tissue massage.

During your massage, our masseuse will use topical oils to massage the different muscles of your body. Depending on the muscular need, some massages may be very slow and soft, while others may be a bit more robust. Our masseuses will use long, firm strokes in the direction of the heart to help drain metabolic waste from your limbs and increase circulation while providing an overall relaxing experience. 

The goal of a Swedish massage is to relax the muscles and unwind the knots that many people experience due to poor posture, overuse of muscles, and everyday stresses. Does this sound like you?

TYF Buckhead Swedish Massage Reviews

Benefits of Swedish Massage

The techniques used in Swedish massage have been known to decrease both chronic and injury-related pain and soreness through increased blood and oxygen levels to the muscles.

Other benefits of Swedish massage are:

  • Reduction in scar tissue
  • Decreased fatigue, anxiety, and stress
  • Boost to the immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Fewer headaches

Before your massage session begins, communicate with your masseuse about any conditions, aches, or injuries from which you are seeking relief, so they can tailor the massage to your liking.

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Swedish Massage Customer Reviews

“Best massage I’ve had yet! I’ve been to many before and this massage was literally the best for the amount I paid! Def worth it! I got the Swedish massage! The staff was very nice and was very helpful! Def suggest it!”

Out-of-town Visitor
Elkins Park, PA

“I just love this place. Their massage chairs are soooo comfortable and fun. Had a wonderful experience. Their swedish massages are simply worth it! The staff is extremely sweet and polite! The hot stones felt very soothing and rejuvenating. The massages are very affordable and are completely worthy!”

Salt Lake City, UT

“My boyfriend and I got the couple’s Swedish massage and It was by far the best massage I’ve ever had at a great price! They really knew what areas to work on and even included hot stones and a face and scalp massage…. couldn’t feel better!”

Carrollton, GA

“I’ve never been to a spa of any kind before but I really wanted to treat myself to a stress relieving activity. I called Treat Your Feet for walk in availability and I was able to quickly make an appointment.

I chose the 1 hour Swedish massage and Remi was my masseuse. She did a fantastic job. The hot stones were the best part and she worked all of my knots. It felt great to the point where I almost fell asleep a couple of times.

Overall it was fantastic and I’ll definitely be back. The cost was fair to me and the atmosphere was nice and peaceful. Next time I’ll be getting the deep tissue massage and also a foot massage. I’ll also make sure Remi is available for those massages too.”

Atlanta, GA