Our Spa Facility

Our foot and body massage rooms are the best in Atlanta. They have been designed to be quiet, so you can totally relax while we massage you. Every room features soundproof panels, acoustic ceiling tile, and foam insulation to ensure that your massage is not interrupted by outside noises.

State of The Art Foot Massage Rooms

Treat Your Feet Buckhead features 3 foot massage rooms of different sizes:

Small Foot Massage Room – The smaller sized room has 4 chairs, for small groups or individuals coming in just for a foot massage.  The four chairs sit side by side along the wall. This is an ideal space for couples or small groups to get a quiet, semi-private foot massage together.

Medium Foot Massage Room – The medium sized room has 8 chairs, for groups or individuals interested in just a foot massage. All 8 chairs are arranged facing each other in the room.

Large Foot Massage Room – The largest room has 12 chairs, for individuals, small groups, or large parties who are interested in foot massages or the 1-Hour Special. The 1-Hour Special is a half hour session of foot massage followed by a half hour session of head, shoulder and back massage. The large room has an ample amount of space to allow clients to recline all the way back for the body portion of the 1-hour special.

All of our chairs are large, plush leather recliners equipped with a foot rest and table in between to set your shoes and personal belongings. In addition to our new soundproofing technology, each of our foot massage rooms have modern, sliding doors which open and close with a push of a button.

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Facility

By clicking on the arrows, you will be able to see all of our massage rooms. Downstairs, you can tour our group foot massage rooms and individual body massage rooms. Upstairs, you can view our private couples massage rooms.

Private Body Massage Rooms

In addition to our foot massage rooms, Treat Your Feet Buckhead offers 6 private individual body massage rooms with adjustable lighting and soothing décor.

Upstairs, we have 2 private couples massage rooms, perfect for a romantic getaway. Each couples room comes with a sliding door in between that can be open or closed to make private individual rooms.

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